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Anti-Spam & Restricted Content Policy

Fairhead Creative LLC
75 N Woodward Ave #8000-159
Tallahassee FL 32313 USA

Fairhead Creative provides a variety of messaging services to our clients. In order to maintain our ability to effectively deliver messages, we impose the following rules on any person, entity, site or organization (the “User”) of our applications, websites, software, and any other service that may be provided by Fairhead Creative, from time to time, including but not limited to applications that utilize and promote the sending of Commercial Electronic Messages (collectively, the “Fairhead Creative Services”).

Users sending Commercial Electronic Messages (“CEM’s”) via the Fairhead Creative Services must at a minimum:

Fairhead Creative prohibits the use of any email data that has:

Fairhead Creative prohibits the use of the Fairhead Creative Services by Users that:

Types of Data collected

Among the types of Personal Data that this Application collects, by itself or through third parties, there are: first name, last name, phone number, company name, email address, Cookies and Usage data.

Other Personal Data collected may be described in other sections of this privacy policy or by dedicated explanation text contextually with the Data collection.

The Personal Data may be freely provided by the User, or collected automatically when using this Application.

Any use of Cookies - or of other tracking tools - by this Application or by the owners of third party services used by this Application, unless stated otherwise, serves to identify Users and remember their preferences, for the sole purpose of providing the service required by the User.

Failure to provide certain Personal Data may make it impossible for this Application to provide its services.

Users are responsible for any Personal Data of third parties obtained, published or shared through this Application and confirm that they have the third party's consent to provide the Data to the Owner.


Complaints are received from a variety of sources, including messages reported as spam through feedback loops at ISP’s, complaints sent using the report-it link in your email campaigns, and messages sent to

If you receive a number of complaints from feedback loops, ReportIt or abuse reporting systems equal to or greater than our allowable limit, have an excessive number of bounces on a campaign, or appear to have violated the terms of this Anti-Spam and Restricted Content Policyor our Terms of Use, sending from your account will be disabled, and you will be required to provide proof of opt-in and/or compliance with the Canada Anti-Spam Act and Regulations for your lists before you will be allowed to continue sending and using the Fairhead Creative Services. You may also be required to take additional action as requested by our compliance team before you will be allowed to resume sending. If you are unable to show that customers have opted-in to our satisfaction, your account will be closed and any pre-paid fees or time will be forfeited.

Fairhead Creative reserves the right to change or modify this statement at any time. Any questions or concerns about your use of the Fairhead Creative Services can be emailed to


Users are responsible for lawfully using the Fairhead Creative Services. Users shall be solely liable for their unlawful use of the Fairhead Creative Services, and Users agree to indemnify and hold Fairhead Creative harmless against and pay all losses, costs, damages, or expenses, which Fairhead Creative may sustain or incur (including legal fees) on account of User’s unlawful use of the Fairhead Creative Services, including but not limited to sending CEM’s contrary to the Canada Anti-Spam Act and Regulations.