New Blog

by Fairhead Creative

It's been three years since we closed our former blog; we've been hard at work creating some amazing web experiences, and the blog wasn't our priority. Now, we're forcing ourselves to make time for it.

Our passion is helping businesses grow online by creating engaging, memorable user experiences for their audiences. You're going to get a better feel about what this means for the blog in my next post.

Free gifts are going to be a regular occurrence on this new blog, as time permits.

Why the blog?

It's our experience - and my belief - that a superior user experience can make businesses grow exponentially, irrespective of competition, and rise to the top of their industries.

It's that belief that led us to revive this blog. We may not be the last word in User Experience or in Online Business. But our world blends the two together. It's my hope that this cocktail of experience will help you (yes, you) grow your online ventures in new ways, with techniques and approaches you may not have seen or considered before.

I also want to get to know you better. This blog is for you. What keeps you up at night? What are you struggling with? We'd love to hear about your struggles, think about them over a hot cup of tea, and ideate new ways to solve them for you.

Take action

There's a couple of things I'd like you to do. First, I'd love you to share this article with people you think would benefit from it, so that we can build a community together.

Second, please subscribe to our email list, where we'll send you exclusive content on how to grow your business using engaging, memorable user experience strategies. I'll also be able to answer your questions (perhaps even in-depth here on the blog!)

Thanks for starting this journey with us. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.