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We love our work, & we love our clients. Here are some examples of projects we’ve completed in the past.

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Fluttermail website and mascot


When Fluttermail needed a memorable website and brand, they chose us.

Fluttermail is an Australian-based venture that hopes to fill the gap between mail clients and large mail marketing apps.

As a service targeting small businesses, it was crucial that the service appeared friendly and easy to use,

while offering enough information to convert them into customers. Additionally, the service needed to be accessible on devices of all shapes and sizes.

Fairhead Creative tailored their brand and website to reflect their personality and mission. Their site adapts to various device screen sizes and resolutions, catering to Retina Display iPads and old desktop computers alike.


Needing a complete visual overhaul, SMTP2GO chose Fairhead Creative.

Charlie and his team at SMTP2GO focus on making a difference in the world of email delivery. After operating for a while with a dated brand and website, he approached in need of an overhaul.

The exact functionality that SMTP2GO provides can be a little confusing for people to understand. Fairhead Creative were tasked not only with making their new image beautiful, but with visualizing their work: not just selling their product, but communicating why it’s important.

The application was also redesigned, taking the features and functionality they have and making it easier to use.

All this work was designed to respond to their customer’s choice of hardware. Be it an iPhone or a Cinema Display, their site and app adapt to make the most of screen estate.

Finally, the whole setup was created using our extensible front-end framework.

SMTP2GO artwork

Creating emotive, memorable experiences between the largest church in America and its attenders.

Web Strategy / UX / Visual Design / Front-end Developement / Web Engineering

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Creating the personalities behind some of the web’s favorite characters.

UX / Visual Design

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Redesigning America’s largest church website. received a redesign and redevelopment all front-facing web properties, complete with a new content hierarchy and user-focused web experience.

Our combined efforts increased site usage, reduced bounces by 50%, and reported up to 40% speed increases on the main, visually rich website. website design

Thousand Eyes

When startup Thousand Eyes got funding, they came straight here.

After operating for a while with limited resources, the team behind Thousand Eyes were ready to take a step forward and make their brand a memorable, lasting experience.

Fairhead Creative designed and developed a new brand and website for Thousand Eyes, communicating their message to IT professionals and the business owners alike.

Thousand Eyes website design


Eager to take things to the next level, Regadget invested in a rebrand.

In a post-PC world, Regadget knew they needed a brand that was easy to understand and a website that was easy to access.

With the help of Fairhead Creative, Owen McCrink and his team at Regadget received an overhaul of their business front end.

Their brand was reimagined, and their new website is now accessible on any size device.

ReGadget website design

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