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Adam CEO

Adam is an English entrepreneur and philanthropist, and the founder of the Fairhead Group. He founded the Fairhead Group to serve cause-driven companies, with the mission of “helping difference makers make a difference." Adam also loves cycling, and can often be found riding his bicycle along the beach.

Denis CTO, Creative Team

Denis is the Lead developer, Chief Technical Officer of our Creative Team, and the brains behind the BuiltForImpact Platform. He's a resident bug hunter who loves nothing more than forcing a browser to do his bidding. Denis loves the Mediterranean, and when possible likes to do his coding from a beachside patio.

Matt CMO, Creative Team

Lead copywriter and Chief Marketing Officer of our Creative Team, Matt has always had a love for words. Writing great copy isn't work for him–it's his playground. When not in the office, Matt can be found in vintage bookstores or pursuing his passion for meditation in the forests of Canada.

Veli COO, Creative Team

Lead Project Manager and Chief Operations Officer, Veli makes sure all projects are on track, deadlines are met and deliverables are top performance. She is also the principal liaison between the FC team and the clients. Veli loves reading, learning new things, and taking long vacations on exotic places. In her spare time she loves cooking, going to the gym and doing yoga.

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Creative Insights

All posts in the Communication category

Marketing Strategies for 2020

Marketing is about to get competitive and automated.

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Marketing is about to get competitive and automated.

As we enter 2020, the strategies we employ toward those we serve will either help us stand out or leave us sinking into marginalized mediocrity.

What can you and your business do this year to stand out, sell better and make more impact? How can you make this your best year ever?

In this post, we’ll cover three important movements you should make in 2020 to ensure you come out on top.

3 Online Marketing Roadblocks To Avoid

The online marketing industry is a mess.

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The online marketing industry is a mess.

Somewhere along the way, we as marketers stopped looking at the visitor, at what they’re searching for, which has caused a serious amount of problems for marketers and business owners.

Here, we’re going to cover what WORKS in marketing right now.

This is not going to be a post about hacks or tricks or techniques that supposedly work for every market/ industry/ sector; there are enough post like that on the internet already.

So, in this post we’re going to cover three big roadblocks in online marketing that you might be falling victim to, and how to remedy those so that your company’s marketing efforts will move closer toward its full potential.

Most companies who ask about “what works in marketing” are in similar positions; any of these sound true for you?

  • They’ve tried ‘everything’ in marketing, but struggle to create the results they’re hoping for.
  • They’ve experimented with many advertising channels, but so far have achieved little-to-no yield from most of them.
  • Any growth they’ve managed to create has paled in comparison to their expectations.

If you can relate to any of these situations, let’s put each one to rest, in order.

Why Marketers Never Listen & What To Do About It

Marketers don’t learn this lesson easily.

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We don’t listen.

We’re told it’s important when we’re young. In school. At our first job. In marriage. That we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

But when it comes to marketing, it all goes out the window. We think it’s by accident. It isn’t.

The truth is, we like the sound of our own voices. We like the features in our products. We like to be sure others understood how great our work is. If we keep talking, we think we have more chances of being heard. If we use more words, perhaps more of them will land.

Marketers don’t learn this lesson easily.

No wonder everyone’s saying marketing is getting harder.

In this post we’re going to cover some examples of where, as marketers, we think we’re listening, but aren’t. Then we’re going to cover some ways we can really listen, and how doing so will transform the way our marketing performs.

“Selfish” Website Mistakes That Turn Away Customers

I’m talking to you, difference-maker.

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I’m talking to you, difference-maker.

Over the past few weeks, my team and I have been reviewing a ton of websites.

Through this process, we came across something funny:

Problems never seem to change.

All of the sites struggle from recurring issues. This problematic cycle then perpetuates the site’s marginalized results from one company to the other.

That’s why we’ve decided to briefly show you the results and solutions we’ve found – so that you can avoid making these same mistakes on your own site.

If you’re a cause-driven, ethical B-corp or sustainable company, looking to stand out, sell better and make a greater impact, you must make sure you have these points covered.

Does Your Audience Feel Screwed Over By Your Content?

Hands up if you’ve ever traded your email address for a free ebook, whitepaper or super-top-secret-tip. How often does it live up to the hype?

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Hands up if you’ve ever traded your email address for a free ebook, whitepaper or super-top-secret-tip.

Most of you, I suspect.

Now, leave your hand up if the thing you received gave you what you wanted without trying to sell you a $47 ‘upgrade’ to actually get to what you thought you were getting in the first place.

A lot of ‘helpful’ content online feels a bit slimy. Titles that are too good to be true, with content that gets your attention but never delivers until you register for some expensive ’thing’. Which also happens to hold back on the real content until you buy yet another ‘thing’.

Here are three things you must do to make sure your content doesn’t fall into this category.

You Know You’re Thinking About Your Customers Not Yourself If…

Business owners: be honest with yourself as you read through these. Are you doing all of these 7 examples?

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Which of these 7 are you falling short on?

As a business owner of any kind, you probably know how important it is to keep thinking about your customers. You do want to keep those customers, after all, right?

There are some tell-tale ways of spotting whether businesses are really thinking about their customers or not. There’s a lot of obvious ways to tell, but we won’t be covering any of those here. We’re going deeper.

So, business owner: be honest with yourself as you read through these. Are you doing all of these 7 examples?