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Adam CEO

Adam is an English entrepreneur and philanthropist, and the founder of the Fairhead Group. He founded the Fairhead Group to serve cause-driven companies, with the mission of “helping difference makers make a difference." Adam also loves cycling, and can often be found riding his bicycle along the beach.

Denis CTO, Creative Team

Denis is the Lead developer, Chief Technical Officer of our Creative Team, and the brains behind the BuiltForImpact Platform. He's a resident bug hunter who loves nothing more than forcing a browser to do his bidding. Denis loves the Mediterranean, and when possible likes to do his coding from a beachside patio.

Matt CMO, Creative Team

Lead copywriter and Chief Marketing Officer of our Creative Team, Matt has always had a love for words. Writing great copy isn't work for him–it's his playground. When not in the office, Matt can be found in vintage bookstores or pursuing his passion for meditation in the forests of Canada.

Veli COO, Creative Team

Lead Project Manager and Chief Operations Officer, Veli makes sure all projects are on track, deadlines are met and deliverables are top performance. She is also the principal liaison between the FC team and the clients. Veli loves reading, learning new things, and taking long vacations on exotic places. In her spare time she loves cooking, going to the gym and doing yoga.

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Marketing Strategies for 2020

Marketing is about to get competitive and automated.

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Marketing is about to get competitive and automated.

As we enter 2020, the strategies we employ toward those we serve will either help us stand out or leave us sinking into marginalized mediocrity.

What can you and your business do this year to stand out, sell better and make more impact? How can you make this your best year ever?

In this post, we’ll cover three important movements you should make in 2020 to ensure you come out on top.

Strategy 1: Relentlessly Ignore the New Noise

There’s always a flood of articles outlining what you must do for the new year. These posts will always be arduous regurgitations on whatever the trends are at the time.

Chasing trends isn’t a path to success.

Marketing isn’t about blending in and doing what your competitors are doing. It’s about doing what your audience needs from you, regardless of what has your competitors’ attention.

Avoid Linear Tactics

If the trends say you should use Facebook Messenger bots but your audience isn’t on Facebook, don’t use Facebook Messenger bots.

If your audience prefers receiving physical mail and your competitors are obsessed with sending emails, where do you think your opportunity lies?

Focus On Communication

As every year rolls by, I wonder if anyone will add the importance of good communication to their to-do list.

The truth is, they never do.

Utilizing “innovative new solutions” with the same, weak messaging your competitors are using holds you in mediocrity. What if you took an existing effective channel and improved your messaging skills? Do you think that would make it more effective?

A new marketing toy seems to arise every week. As appealing as they may seem, the trick is to ignore the noise and invest in things that last. Leave the freneticism to your competition.

Strategy 2: It’s Still About Your Story and Offer

“Storytelling is the number one way to build your brand”
– Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof Coffee

If you tell the best story and follow it up with the best offer, why would anyone choose someone else to support them? Here are two truths that reinforce this:

The Best Story Wins

If you’re able to move audience members away from their pain and toward their goals in a straighter line than your competitors, why would that audience choose an unclear, convoluted alternative?

Once you’re able to answer these questions critically, wrap the value you bring to the marketplace in a narrative your audience resonates with. This will equip you with what our clients refer to as:

“A siren-call that speaks to the hearts of minds of those we wish to serve.”

Competitors Have Mere Tricks

When you don’t have a narrative to deliver your message or an offer that people can’t refuse, what is one left to do?

Conventional “marketing” conversations ensue as a result of this question.

Applying ‘spin’ to create interest, coercive copy and flash sales are what we’re reduced to when we’re without something people can want and relate to.

Leave the tricks to your competitors and focus your efforts on creating a real connection with those you wish to serve.

Strategy 3: Go Personal

Each time we pass through the Christmas season, we become intimately familiar with both the giving and receiving of gifts.

The same processes happen each year:

Buying something you think the recipient will really appreciate or, receiving something thoughtful from someone who thought of you.

What makes these traditions special is how they make the individuals feel when proper thought is implemented.

How often do you go personal with those you wish to serve?

I’m Not an “Audience”

We want to be acknowledged when we talk to people, whether it’s a business that can help us or an old friend.

We want them to know where we’re going and how to get there. We aren’t just an “audience”, but individuals.

The more you make your message hyper-relevant to each person, the more each person will want to have a conversation with you.

I Like Feeling Special, Too

Hand-written letters don’t have measurable ROI. Personal videos aren’t particularly scalable. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t consider them.

We’re humans. Not robots. We choose what will help us move forward, but we also choose what we like – what we have a connection with.

You can’t really A/B test ‘like’.

The pursuit of automation and optimization often entices companies to abandon the idea of going personal. However, their loss can be your gain: people want you to care, so use the available channels to show that you do.

Your 2020 Marketing Strategies Wrapped Up

Just like every other year, there will be many 2020 strategy posts making their way online.

Resist turning them into a to-do list.

The frenetic pursuit of mastering every new piece of whiz-bang marketing undermines your power to increase your connection, care, and service in the lives of those you’d like to serve.

Which sounds more effective to you?

Fairhead Creative is, hands down, the best relationship I’ve ever had. They are always on top of our projects and quickly turnaround beautiful work. I can’t even imagine ever using anybody else. 😄

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