Committed to making a difference.

At Fairhead Creative, we believe in using our creative & technical talents to help difference makers make a difference.

So forget working heartless 9-to-5 jobs that require menial ‘perks’ to make life tolerable: get paid to do things that make a difference in this world.

Welcome to Fairhead Creative.

Who do we look for?

  1. People with vision.Where making a difference is more important than the paycheck or fancy office.
  2. People with values & honor.Those that paint the back of the fence. Who live by truth. Who you can trust.
  3. People who disrupt & innovate.Leaders, not followers, with a sense of ownership for their part of the company.
  4. People ready to grow.Who love the amount of personal and professional investment we make in them.

What do we provide?

  1. Work with purpose.What’s the point in working on things that don’t make a difference in the world? We’re committed to helping people make a difference.
  2. Work with friends.Teams are more than the sum of their parts when there’s camaraderie and friendship. Our team is designed for relationships.
  3. Work whenever.Like to hit the beach for a few hours on Fridays? We honor our team by giving each other the freedom to choose our own hours.
  4. Work wherever.We’re 100% remote, so we can choose our cities & countries based on things like family, hobbies, and schools for our children.

Current Open Positions

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