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Adam CEO

Adam is an English entrepreneur and philanthropist, and the founder of the Fairhead Group. He founded the Fairhead Group to serve cause-driven companies, with the mission of “helping difference makers make a difference." Adam also loves cycling, and can often be found riding his bicycle along the beach.

Denis CTO, Creative Team

Denis is the Lead developer, Chief Technical Officer of our Creative Team, and the brains behind the BuiltForImpact Platform. He's a resident bug hunter who loves nothing more than forcing a browser to do his bidding. Denis loves the Mediterranean, and when possible likes to do his coding from a beachside patio.

Matt CMO, Creative Team

Lead copywriter and Chief Marketing Officer of our Creative Team, Matt has always had a love for words. Writing great copy isn't work for him–it's his playground. When not in the office, Matt can be found in vintage bookstores or pursuing his passion for meditation in the forests of Canada.

Veli COO, Creative Team

Lead Project Manager and Chief Operations Officer, Veli makes sure all projects are on track, deadlines are met and deliverables are top performance. She is also the principal liaison between the FC team and the clients. Veli loves reading, learning new things, and taking long vacations on exotic places. In her spare time she loves cooking, going to the gym and doing yoga.

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Cause-Driven Creative Marketing Studio

We help cause-driven companies stand out, sell better and make more impact by helping them connect with their audiences through words and designs that delight. From our award-winning BuiltForImpact system, to our Mission Narrative system that featured in The Huffington Post, we hope to help change the world by helping those changing the world.

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What’s it like to be on the team?
We asked some of them.

From Veli

I love belonging on this team, not just because they're the best colleagues I could ask for, but also because they are a family.

We all work remotely, but it feels like we are closer than if we were working 10' apart.

Managing a remote team is still a new concept and brings new challenges, but has many great benefits. Coming from the traditional corporate world, I have tasted the perks of working remotely and with a team like ours, it's a real blessing.

We respect our processes, we respect each other, we preach what we practice and practice what we preach. We care to communicate to one another thoughtfully and challenge each other to become our best selves.

I'm thankful to belong here and I'm excited for the years ahead!

From Zlati

No matter what discipline or project, I think I can speak for everyone when I say we truly enjoy the creativity, collaboration and camaraderie we have on this team. Working in a high performance, award-winning team like this is like working in a fast-paced startup, but with the heart of a non-profit.

When innovative dreamers become good friends, a team is able to find creative new ways to help cause-driven companies stand out. We put all our effort into helping them express their message verbally and visually in the best way possible.

We hear empathy is a core element of good design. We believe empathy has the power to transform good products into memorable experiences that elevate brands on a mission.

Blessed to be learning and growing in this environment.

From Denis

I love working at Fairhead Creative.

We're a great team of friendly and supportive experts from all around the world working together with clients with a common goal: to help difference makers make a difference.

Our office and target market is the same: the whole world. How cool is that?

I get to work on interesting projects, build produces I'm proud of, learn and grow while enjoying what I do. It's hard to call it a job when you're loving it this much.

From Lilit

Since I started working with Fairhead Creative, I’ve met such wonderful people. Each of them has had a unique role in making my work life far more interesting and exciting.

I love working with my team since it gives me one of my favorite things in spades: learning. I've learned so much on the team, starting with new basic and advanced skills, and ending with patience, work ethics and kindness when dealing with people who need our professional services.

Being a part of something that is not selfish, but a part of a company that doesn't take the phrase "make a difference" as a popular trend – really living by that rule – is a joy and a privilege. I can't think of something more fulfilling than that.

From Matt

Working as part of the Fairhead team is a unique and enjoyable experience. We care for each other more deeply than other teams do – and it shows through in the quality of work that we deliver.

As a fully remote team, we have a unique blend of cultures and perspectives. This makes every brainstorming session and team meeting unique and interesting.

Most importantly, I'm proud to be part of a team that's empowering difference makers to share work that matters

From Adam

Look at every great body of work ever produced.

Great work doesn't happen without a great team. Which begs the question, what is a great team?

We decided a great team is one that holds itself to a higher standard. That works with a reason for working beyond fanaticism with its craft. That pursues excellence in attitude as well as in aptitude. That is full of people who are there for you when you need them most.

What a privilege and a pleasure it is to belong to such a team.


Who are we looking for?
And are we a fit?

At Fairhead Creative, we believe in using our creative & technical talents to help difference makers make a difference. Forget working heartless 9-to-5 jobs that require menial ‘perks’ to make life tolerable: we’re paid to help make a difference in the world.

🙏 Work with purpose.

What’s the point in working on things that don’t make a difference in the world? We’re committed to helping people make a difference.

💪 Work with friends.

Teams are more than the sum of their parts when there’s camaraderie and friendship. Our team is designed for relationships.

🏖️ Work whenever.

Like to hit the beach for a few hours on Fridays? As long as we meet deadlines and collaborate well, we get to choose our own hours.

🌎 Work wherever.

We’re 100% remote, so we can choose our cities & countries based on things like family, hobbies, and schools for our children.

It’s important to us that we maintain a tight, collaborative, engaged and supporting environment within our team. We’re looking for:

👀 People with vision.

Where making a difference is more important than the paycheck or fancy office.

✌️ People with values & honor.

Those that paint the back of the fence. Who live by truth. Who we can trust.

📈 People who disrupt & innovate.

Leaders, not followers, with a sense of ownership for their part of the company.

🌻 People ready to grow.

Who love the amount of personal and professional investment we make in them.


Open positions

Experienced visual designer

Do you look at our portfolio and believe you have what it takes to take what we do and bring even more value and mastery to that which we produce for those we serve?

If so, get in touch, we’d love to get to know you. Introduce yourself and link us up to your portfolio so we can see what you’ve worked on in the past.

Sketch experience required. Principle experience preferred. Must have a macOS-powered device capable of working with Sketch and Principle.

Email us

Got skills not listed above?

We’re always looking to meet talented individuals who have a heart to serve great businesses. Even though we’ve not listed an open position above, we’d still love to meet you in case we should be making an open position with you in mind ;)

Email us