Creating emotive, memorable experiences between the largest church in America and its attenders.

New website, new content hierarchy, new experience. required a total redesign and redevelopment of their website, with a new content hierarchy and user-focused UX.

This had to be achieved, along with a full mobile-optimized experience, within the stakeholder and integration guidelines established within the ministry.

Over the course of a few months, the design and user experience challenge was to discover a way to make the website feel like it existed to serve the congregation, rather than educate them.

The redesign of the website started with that change of perspective. The “organization down” architecture of the previous website was replaced with “user up” architecture – organizing content around the user, making them feel central to the experience.

Naming conventions were also challenged, to use language users are familiar with, rather than church jargon. For example, Kids and Youth content was found within a ‘Kids and Youth’ section, rather than a ‘NextGen’ section.

The smartest I’ve ever worked with. If you need someone who truly thinks through problems and helps websites grow, look no further. — Justin B.

While designing the new site for, we were intentional about asking the questions visitors were asking, and turning those questions into the site’s navigation. Organizations like have huge amounts of content for their users, each handled by different teams with their own processes, terms and goals.

In addition to this architectural change, the entire site’s visual design became content-focused. To us, good design says ‘look at me’ but great design says ‘look at this’. We were intentional about creating a design that truly complimented the type of content users were looking for, creating a more immersive experience.

The site was custom-built to pre-generate content before users see it. This means that content is always lightning-fast to load, affordable to host, and almost impossible to hack. Content deployment is tied to a version control system, resulting in fewer errors and easy development.

The new site experience was well received among visitors, and site usage doubled just a few months after launch. The site has since been blogged about in “Best Church Websites” articles, with great reviews.