Mosaic Facebook Ads

$1,200.00 / month

Mosaic Facebook Ads provides a consistent, turnkey system that optimizes your website’s marketing performance:

  1. Traffic: Get new visitors to your site for the first time, and get previous visitors to return for another look.

When combined with the other Mosaic systems, the three key elements lead to a robust, comprehensive online marketing system.


Mosaic Facebook Ads

Mosaic Facebook Ads provides a consistent, turnkey system that optimizes your website’s marketing performance:

  1. Traffic: Get new visitors to your site for the first time, and get previous visitors to return for another look.

When combined with the other Mosaic systems, the three key elements lead to a robust, comprehensive online marketing system.

$1,200.00 / month

Product Description

Every month, you’ll receive:

  • Fully custom work in the above area – we’ll discuss your goals with you, and help identify which areas need focus to create your next “big win.”
  • A collaborative brainstorming plan call – we’ll review our plans with you before we implement anything.  You’ll be able to provide feedback and see demonstrations of what we plan to create.
  • A detailed report at the end of the month – you’ll know exactly what results we generated, and have hands-on access to clear no-nonsense data.  We’ll also have suggestions about what the next steps should be based on the data we gathered.

Traffic system details

If your website doesn’t have any traffic, you can’t generate any conversions. Our traffic system first looks at what type of people are the best fit for your offer. We then identify the best places to find these people online, a develop a strategy for getting them to your site.

Depending on the type of people we determine that we need, our strategy might involve ads on Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn.  It could also involve content marketing or other traffic strategies.

The key to successful traffic is getting high-quality visitors to your site.  That’s why the first step of this phase is determining who those people are, and where to find them.

Facebook Specific

  • Research & test audience targeting: Find new prospect opportunities that aren’t currently being advertised to by your company.
  • Prune and develop custom audiences: Spend less money in low performing areas, and focus more energy on higher performing areas.
  • Seed lookalikes: Help Facebook present your ads to more of the right prospects by integrating pipeline and customer lists for it to inspect.
  • Click campaigns: Create awareness of your company and offers to new people who may never have heard of you before.
  • Remarketing campaigns: Present different offers to people based on their interactions (e.g. specific blog posts or product pages).
  • Progressive downstream marketing: Strategically place the right ads in front of people based on “what happens next” for them (e.g. “Complete checkout now and get 15% off your order”)
  • Cross-channel testing with AdWords: Access buyer-intent user data from Google AdWords as a source of ongoing remarketing prospects on Facebook.

Google AdWords Specific

  • Manage, develop, and prune keywords: Track hundreds of advertising keywords, removing the losers and making more winners.
  • Three-dimensional testing: Test combinations of keywords, ads, and ad extensions, to see which (of thousands of) combinations convert best.
  • Test new keywords, ads, and extensions: Keep testing new assets to iteratively outperform the previous winners to increase ad performance.
  • Cross-channel testing with Facebook: Pass buyer-intent user data to Facebook for inexpensive, effective remarketing campaigns.

Bi-weekly traffic reporting of…

  • People reached,
  • Total impressions,
  • Conversion value,
  • Ad spend,
  • ROAS,
  • What we did to get these results,
  • What we’ll do next to improve them further.

Monthly cycle steps

  1. Supposition doc: a simple document showing our hypothesis and suggested plan for the month.
  2. Demonstration doc: simple examples of copy and/or design that we plan to create, so that you can see exactly what our proposed changes could look like once implemented.
  3. Plan call: we’ll spend 30 minutes reviewing the documents from our first two steps with you.  If you’d like any changes, we’ll move to step 4.  If everything looks good, we’ll move to step 5.
  4. Refactor: we revise the Demonstration doc to accurately reflect what we’ll be making based on your feedback from step 3.
  5. Build: we build the approved assets, and push it up as a test or a live deployment, depending on what it is.
  6. Data: We collect and monitor the data as it comes in, using a variety of software tools. When we have a clear picture, we’ll move to step 7.
  7. Response doc: here we look at the data we’ve received, interpret it, and document it for posterity and next steps.
  8. Review call: we review the response doc with you, helping you to understand the data and what it means.

Standing out starts with understanding…

Who you’re talking to & what you’re saying to them.

Everything else is a distraction.

Get the worksheet & 1-on-1 training, no-obligations:

Here’s what’s included:

How to find (and attract) your target customers ...

  • How to identify your #1 audience to target online (and where to find them),
  • How to approach them using their language (and what that language is),
  • Keep this sheet with you to guide and refine all of your website’s new content.

Guide to getting into their circle (and kick out the competitors) …

  • Identify how your audience defines “insider” and “outsider”,
  • How to move from “outsider” to “insider” in any market,
  • How to ethically move your competitors from “insider” to “outsider”.

Video walkthroughs of both worksheets (plus sample content) …

  • See how we use and complete both of these worksheets for websites,
  • Follow along as you complete yours for even easier completion,
  • Easily accessible to refer back to in future if you amend your answers.
$195 FREE

30 minute 1-on-1 ImpactCoaching deep-dive into your answers

  • Private consult with one of our trained coaches, dedicated to you for up to 30 min.
  • Work through your answers and dig even deeper with the help of your coach,
  • Create total clarity over how to find and attract your best customers.
$300 FREE

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