Creating the personalities behind some of the web’s favorite characters.

New website, new content hierarchy, new experience.

ZURB maintains three popular web frameworks, that power sites such as Barclays, Kawasaki and Adidas. Their Foundation framework is one of the two largest development frameworks in the industry.

We relished the challenge of taking these frameworks and creating unique personalities behind unique mascots that represent each project.

The challenge: bring the frameworks to life with cheeky, memorable personalities to represent them. Starting with the Foundation framework, we worked alongside ZURB to breathe life into a Yeti character that now represents the project.

We dived deep into the characters, conveying the essence of each framework in each character. For example, the Squid (“Inky”) that represents their email templating framework, uses her many tentacles to keep track of the many email clients she must cater for.

Similarly, the application development framework does a lot of heavy lifting for developers, and so is represented as a more muscular version of the Yeti, which represents the standard framework.

Fairhead Creative is, hands down, the best freelance relationship I’ve ever had. They are always on top of our projects and quickly turnaround beautiful work. I can’t even imagine ever using anybody else. — ZURB

After the success and positive reception of the Yeti, we then worked on a Sassquatch for their social coding platform, the Squid for their responsive email templating framework, and the Snowman for their application development framework.

All of the characters have been really well received, and secure the frameworks not only in the mind, but also the heart of the industry.